opiyate: I can't say I know you, but I have you on Facebook and I met you once in Northbridge when we snuck in a hotel. You are amazing, Cherry, and I'm sick of seeing you get anon hate. The only explanation is that they are jealous because you are PERFECT! Much love xx

That was a really fun night as well. And you and Mik were the sweetest things, not leaving until I was safely in the taxi! Haha, when we just tried opening the hotel room door and it just opened and we walked in and looked in the fridge and then there were people in the bedroom and we ran out of there so fast… Hope all has been well :) <3

bling-explosion-deactivated2012: it made me so sad when you wrote 'why would you give everything to be nothing' i really hope you dont think you are nothing, i think you're great.

You’re kind, thank you. <3

rashawnvalentine: I have loved you ever since 2008, back when a fake of you added me on Myspace. I adore your style, I love your life, and I always will! You continue to inspire me!! (: If I lived in Perth, I'd be your best friend, or second best haha. Have a good day Cherry! (:

This is so nice! Thank you so much, sir. Hope your day is good to you, too.  :)

The Amity Affliction sound like a dead turd.

Noel Gallagher

Hahahaha holy fuck, is this legit? (via phallus)

Haha! He’s just perfect.

I just received a text message from a new friend I made last night saying, “Do you remember passing out in my wardrobe?”… Hahaha, I’m dying.

Funnily enough I don’t remember passing out in his wardrobe. He said he was asleep and he heard a big bang, and he looked up and I was laying in his wardrobe. So he picked me up and put me to bed. Hahahah. I can’t even. 

I do remember getting locked in his toilet and sitting on the floor for 20 minutes. And he kept coming and knocking on the door asking if I was okay, and I just kept saying yes because I was too embarrassed to say I couldn’t unlock the door. Eventually I shouted out, and guess what? The door was unlocked the whole time, and he just bloody opened it! Hahahahaaha. What is my life.

Anonymous: fake bitch

You’re the only one bitching here babe.

Last night was weird.

A guy ‘tongued’ my nostril…

Anonymous: Saw you in the Amps garden last night, but way too scared and shy to say hi :(

Nooo! Do it next time :(

macaroon-heart-deactivated20121: Hi :) this is gonna sound really weird so sorry, i saw you on a friends fb and went into your profile and you friends with a really good mate of mine Josh Cole so i was wondering have you ever hanged out with him at Amps when you were blonde cause i think ive meet you there before :)

Hello! Yeah, I have hung around him at Amps before. A long time ago and pretty recently too! We might have met, I’m really bad when drunk though, so sorry if I was a div! ;)

Anonymous: cherry I cant wait until you are in london as it will mean london will become like 50 times more awesomeeee

Aw what! London can’t get more awesome.

What the fuck.