Anonymous: are u in ldn next saturday? come to brixton jamm!

Just missin’ the pissin’! I leave Perth on the Sunday.

I have a crapload of photos in my Drafts, ahhhhhh.

Anonymous: how do you style your hair??

I don’t! Sometimes I’ll brush it…

Anonymous: do you still have your nose piercing?

I wish! Might get it back. Maybe. 

Anonymous: Do you Like nirvana

I can listen to them but I don’t often go out of my way to. 

Maybe I’d be better off saying that I don’t dislike them.

Anonymous: why do you always make that stupid blank facial expression in your pictures?

I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware I had to have a reason? Perhaps I shall be better prepared next time you decide to waste my time by asking me a stupid question. 

Or perhaps not.

Anonymous: where did you get your sgt peppers lonley heart club sweater?? im in love with it!

From an official Beatles store in Liverpool. I think it was the Hard Day’s Night Hotel one.

Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing.
― Tilopa (via stellablu)

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