Anonymous: how much older? late 20s early thirtys?

Probably anywhere up to 10 years older… although there are no rules.

Anonymous: How old are you? And what is your age preference for dating guys?

Generally, I prefer older because there is nothing worse and more unattractive than an immature boy.

I’m 22.

Anonymous: You remind me of Katy perry

Tacky and fake? Eurgh…

Anonymous: Do you dislike any of your friend bf or gf?

No, no! We all get along. If my friends are happy, then I’m happy.

Anonymous: hello! do you still hang out with steph? i thought i saw you in the northern suburbs last week but i wasnt sure. anyway good luck back in england its sooo cold! xx

Nah, not in years. I have no idea what happened to that kid, which is a shame. It’s possible it was me, but then it’s more likely it wasn’t. Thank you, although I’m only here 2 more weeks!