Anonymous: I think that anon that asked about Brokelle asked because there was a fake of you a LONG time ago that said that Brokelle was your neighbor, she said all this acting as you of course. That's actually how I found you haha.

Oh really? That’s quite sad isn’t it! Haha damn.

Anonymous: how old are you? You're lovely x

I’m 22! You’re sweet :-)

Anonymous: Where is your denim jacket from? :-)

I think it was from Primark. I don’t have it anymore because some little shit stole it from right under my nose when I was at the Science museum in London. Disbelief.

Anonymous: Is it true you knew Brookelle Bones?

Who…? No, I’ve never known a Brookelle.

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
― ― C.S. Lewis (via justbesplendid)

I’ll make one when I’m better because I’m all coughy and nasty right now. :)

Anonymous: i love you.

Then come and spoon feed me soup please because I’m sick and need some luvin’.

jesilynn-moore: Where did you get that hat from? It's so sexy x

Camden markets!