Anonymous: Do ya fancy the Jim Beam Cherry?

Oh boy, the things I’d do for Jim!

Anonymous: Oh jesus your so pretty with or with out make up you make me give up hope aha

Oh no, that’s silly for lack of a better fitting word! It’s all about being comfortable with yourself. Recently I was told by a boy that waking up in the morning, and seeing that I did not give a shit about how rough I looked, was sexy. He rated that when we went out to the shops and things after we woke up, that I didn’t put make up on, brush my hair or anything of the sort. You ultimately care more about how you look in the morning (or any other time) than others. You are your greatest critic. When you see others without make-up, does it bother you? Do you think negatively about them and what not? Nope, course not! Probably don’t even notice most of the time. It’s silly. You’re a doll. You’re as beautiful as you feel, and then times that by 1000000000. 

Thank you though! <3

Anonymous: would you take a picture without makeup?

I’ve posted quite a load of ‘em really and I will never understand people’s fascination with them, but okay sure.

Anonymous: what is banana boating?! omg we are so disorganised haha there's too much to do we haven't planned anything

You sit on this inflated banana and a boat pulls you along and tries to tip you all over. You get a bit beaten up, but it’s mad fun and there’s always a joker shouting out “shark!” to get you all freaking out.

Anonymous: you remind me of Cherie Currie (played by Dakota Fanning) in the Runaways x

I’ve gotten the Dakota thing since the Dr Suess movie thing came out.

Anonymous: Can I just ask what your plans are for the weekend, I don't mean to seem like a stalker but I would really like to meet you.

Amplifier. Every weekend. See you there ;)

amanthonnete: the photo you just posted, i know it's probably really a silly thing to ask considering you probably shop all over, but i ADORE your top. may i ask where you got it from? !

I got it from etsy, a right bargain it was. :)

Anonymous: what did you get up to in bali? i'm going in 2 weeks and neither me nor my friend have ever been!! can you recommend good places or things to do?!

Ooh, brilliant. There’s a load of things to do actually! We went parasailing, jet skiing, banana boating, snorkelling, clubbing, shopping, rode/fed elephants.  Also, went to the beach, Bali zoo, Turtle Island, the rice fields, the silver making & wood carving markets. Watch a traditional Indonesian dance. You can also go to Waterbom park. There’s so many restaurants and pubs as well. Have fun!

Anonymous: your hair is pretty disgusting lol

Oh well, I can think of worse things love… eg. having your personality.