You said, “I’ll go to another country, go to another shore,
find another city better than this one.
Whatever I try to do is fated to turn out wrong
and my heart lies buried like something dead.
How long can I let my mind moulder in this place?
Wherever I turn, wherever I look,
I see the black ruins of my life, here,
where I’ve spent so many years, wasted them, destroyed them totally.”

You won’t find a new country, won’t find another shore.
This city will always pursue you.
You’ll walk the same streets, grow old
in the same neighborhoods, turn gray in these same houses.
You’ll always end up in this city. Don’t hope for things elsewhere:
there’s no ship for you, there’s no road.
Now that you’ve wasted your life here, in this small corner,
you’ve destroyed it everywhere in the world.

― C.P. Cavafy, The City
Anonymous: do you still being friends w that girl called katie? you used to take a lot of pictures and made videos together... or maybe yoy still and I don't recognize her anymore... I used to like her unicorn tattoo

Spoken to her once in the past year I think? Haven’t seen her in three.

Anonymous: Your boyfriend must constantly sing "what's the story? Morning glory!" when waking up next to you, sooo beautiful!!

We very rarely sleep in the same bed, so you know… Impossible!

mermaidporn: make a video of you please!!!!

Only because I am in lesbians with you!

Anonymous: I saw you at the shape bar on friday night! Your so amazing!

Oh dear! I don’t remember getting to Shape. I don’t remember being in Shape. I don’t remember leaving Shape.

But that’s so sweet thank you! :-)

Anonymous: Wait... I thought you moved back to London. Or am I just really confused? Haven't been on your blog in a while, sorry.

I started off this year here in Perth and then I went to London and then I came back here and then I went to London again and now I’m back here and then I’m back in London in less than two months! Half of this year has been spent on planes, I swear to god.