I’m at a party and I’m barfin’ I can barely see,
And every time I talk to you well I can never breathe, 
I’m gettin’ drunker I’m a bummer I should just call her, 
And don’t you know I’m really good at making this feel awkward.



Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist,
Keep on loving. Keep on fighting.
And hold on, hold on,
Hold on for your life.

Like the time that our friend Chuck came over to our house.
He said he needed somebody to take care of his pets,
'Cause he was going out of town.
I asked him “Where?” and he said “New Mexico.”
I asked if I could get a ride.
He said: “No, you don’t want to follow me
Where it is I’m going.”
He backed out of the drive way.
That was the last time we saw him,
'Cause he drove straight to his parent’s cabin
And put a bullet in his head.




opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples

everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant 

But all you ever see are men’s

"…But all you ever see are men’s" though

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Anonymous: How did you get your dark blue hair color, it's kinda black blue. I love it but idk how to get it. Also sorry for my english. I love your style and ur thoughts, u got one more follower. Good vibes ✌️✌️

My hair was a dark purple and then I bleached it and used Midnight Blue Directions hair dye over the top. It’s a pretty deep blue. Thank you, sending good vibes right back atchya.

Anonymous: your new hair looks bad

Oh yeah? Cool. I think it looks sick.

Posting “controversial” or “opinionated” posts on social media is a good way to uncover which of your acquaintances are shit people and which ones aren’t. Totally into just removing anybody from my life who opposes the things I’m passionate about, because life is too fucking short to even waste a damn second on anybody who is an idiot, especially when there are so many more worthy people out there. I’ve always shied away from confrontation, and that has often led to me keeping schtum when faced with opinions (I say opinions, but on some matters there isn’t even any room for opinions) I totally opposed, from the mouths of people I knew (or even didn’t know). Not holding back any longer. Just gonna cut that shit out.

This feels good.